IMPORTANT! COVEY Befriending currently has no internet access in the main office, so emails may not be received. If you need to contact COVEY Befriending, please call the office on 01698 894013.

Thank you for visiting COVEY BEFRIENDING!

Our key purpose is that young people are supported on their life journey through strong and supportive befriending relationships - seeing them better equipped to reach their potential.

We invite you to become involved in making a difference in the lives of vulnerable young people. Find out more about being a Befriender in the various projects we run, joining up as a Friend of COVEY or in making a donation.

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"there were so many benefits to befriending... turned things around..."
"they were very appreciative of the support offered..."
"when I'm at school and I know Louise (befriender) is coming at night, the day just flies past!"
"it was inspirational to watch everyone interact and see the group gel..."
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